Ken Ippolito Helps Hurricane Katrina Survivors

At least 100 hurricane evacuees are expected in the city of Akron before the end of this week. After renovating a run down apartment complex in Akron, a Northeast Ohio landlord signed an 11th hour agreement that will allow him to house some of those survivors.

Technically King James apartments are sold out, but management will make room for up to 15 new tennants who will have travelled a long way to be here and they don't have many options.

New ownership took over this place a year ago and renovations have continued since then. Management learned of an opporunity recently to house people evacuated from the gulf region after hurricane Katrina. Late last week the new ownership entered into a use restriction agreement with housing authorities. That means the newly renovated townhomes can be used for Section 8 housing, so the evacuees who come here won't have to pay full rent.

RLI Enterprises timely 3 million dollar facelift gave Ken Ippolito an opportunity to make a pleasant difference in the lives of the hurricane survivors' lives.