Lightning Strikes Twice

Page 4 The Euclid Observer Volume 6 • Issue 6 June 2015

Triumph Tower Renovation - 2014 Euclid, Ohio, Ken Ippolito bought the 8 story apartment building located at 25400 Euclid Ave., Euclid, Ohio, for the first time on November 1, 2001. He then sold it on November 19th, 2002 and the property was in pristine condition at that time. Ken, found out it was up for sale again and he personally wanted to give back to the Euclid area and clean it up, again. He again bought the building on December 15, 2014 and he did another $500,000 renovation on it in just 45 days. With the combined outstanding efforts of our Canton Renovation team as they trekked through the brutal winter from Canton to Euclid to finish the project ahead of schedule!!!. He renamed the property “Triumph Tower” and there were 32 vacant gutted and stripped apartments at the time of purchase. Three weeks after the renovations were completed, we sold out! In ALL of the renovated apartments we have installed new ceiling fans, kitchen cabinets, carpeting, flooring, AC’s, stoves, fridges, vanities & etc…. During the months of April & May we have painted our balconies, installed new landscaping and repaved, seal coated and restriped the driveway parking lot. Ken is all about contribution and caring for people, including providing jobs and increasing income for the City of Euclid. He has strove throughout his career as an apartment redeveloper to provide a warm and safe home to every one of his residents: he offers 24 hour maintenance and cleans the hallways and grounds 7 days a week at all of his properties. He makes sure his residents are always #1! He helped the city of Euclid by hiring numerous Euclid contractors and employees that helped with the renovations. He plans on investing more into the Euclid and surrounding areas. Ken is all about contribution and giving back. During Hurricane Katrina he housed 15 victims, providing all of them with a free apartment for one full year! As well as when there was a fire at one of the Canton properties he paid for hotels for 22 families and also relocated them into some of his other Canton properties. Proving again that his residents are #1! He has also hired 9 homeless people helping and teaching them to get a fresh start on their lives! What Ken does to his properties increases property values to the surrounding homes and businesses which is a positive for everyone involved, especially the city of Euclid! He makes people’s home s better which make their lives better!

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