Ken Ippolito & Canton City Mayor Janet Creighton

RLI Enterprises offers apartments that are affordable without being low income.

Owner Ken Ippolito explains that there's a ripple effect that snowballs to the local employment creating jobs by hiring more employees, and more contractors. Local business be it retail or industrial improve economically because RLI Enterprises creates more occupancy, which improves the local economy all around. Includes comments by Canton City Mayor Janet Creighton.

Rachel Woods has a golf theme with nature trails, you can walk across the street to just about anything, dining, shopping, etc. Ridgewood Castle has a family park-like setting that's right in the Ridgwood Area. With Boardwalk and Park Place RLI Enterprises went with a Monopoly theme. It has panoramic views, community rooms, underground parking, patios, and billiard tables.

RLI Enterprises prides itself in its excellent maintenance team available 24/7, and a caring and friendly leasing staff. No matter who you are, everybody deserves a great place to live. RLI Enterprises makes people's lives better by making their homes better.